Sad reality setting in for Trump loyal insurrectionists

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For all of the Trump loyal Capitol riot insurrectionists, a sad new reality is setting in. The “QAnon Shaman”, Jake Angeli AKA Jacob Chansley has said what the majority of us have been thinking all along, and unfortunately, it will not be a happy ending. Through his attorney, Angeli himself believed that he was summoned to Washington, DC, and instructed by the President himself to breach the Capital building and fight. Now he is asking for a pardon that will not be coming.

These Trump supporters turned insurrectionists, are about to lose everything that they care about, their freedom, their right to bear arms, their right to vote, all because they believed the unrelenting no-basis lies that have been told to them over and over from President’s lawyers and Trump himself. This has all of the characteristics of an unraveling cult and just like any other cult, this cult leader will not save them because he will be too busy trying to save himself. It is also worthy to note that not all of Donald Trump’s supporters are insurrectionists, only a few thousand that we know of.

Recently, a CNN reporter asked a Trump supporter in Texas how he would feel if he found out that the President had been lying to them about widespread election fraud and he responded that he would be angry. This presents a much scarier prospect of what will happen when they finally realize the truth. The question is, where will they turn when they finally turn on the soon-to-be ex-President Trump. If the recently “canceled” Parler app feed was any way to take their temperature, the Trump supporter exodus is already happening with some stating that Trump better pardon the DC rioters. It is scary to think that there could be tens of millions of very angry people who now trust nobody.

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