Where Free Speech ends and platform moderation begins

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Despite criticism from the right, moderation is not the same as censorship. In the age of rapidly moving information tech companies responsible for moving that information have moral and legal obligation to protect the general public from dangerous people who have the power to influence feeble-minded individuals.

That does not mean that moderation has not crossed the line recently. One particular time in which Twitter admits that there was a mistake was the moderation of the Hunter Biden NY Post article that Twitter took action on. The company has since admitted they were in the wrong.

Even though the first amendment protects free speech, laws against terroristic and other harmful verbal threats remain criminal acts. Bribery and extortion are other types of non-protected speech. For this reason, companies who are moving information rapidly need to moderate certain types of harmful speech.

In short, if you want to use dangerous rhetoric, you have an absolute right to build your own platform with your own money and say anything that you want. Just keep in mind that even on your own platform you may get a visit from the FBI or Secret Service. Using someone else’s platform just like the old “no shirt, no shoes, no service”, comes with rules of engagement. Like it or not, big tech companies do not want their platforms uses for that purpose because of all of the possible repercussions that can come without moderation.

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