The psychology behind the denial of the Covid-19 pandemic

Portrait of a young woman doctor sitting on the ambulance resting exhausted where a first aid intervention during the Covid-19 pandemic, Coronavirus wearing a face mask - Rescue concept

On the 3rd day of the new year, hospitals are reporting that they are being overwhelmed, Covid-19 test results are out of control, and in places like Los Angeles, ambulances are being turned away, yet there are still a large number of American’s claiming that the news reporting and Covid-19 death counts are false. Additionally, today President Trump has stated that the Covid-19 death counts are exaggerated while addressing the near 350,000 pandemic-related deaths in the United States.

It is remarkable how many American’s are call bs to both the news and numbers. One has to ask, how did we get here.

It is an absolute fact that southern California hospitals are being overwhelmed and are turning away ambulances, and patients are waiting for hours when transferring to other hospitals. One Palm Spring’s based paramedic has confirmed that Los Angeles residents are being transferred to Palm Spring and Hemet-based hospitals. The situation is truly dire.

The pandemic denial and other media trust issues are the results of a perfect storm that has been brewing for quite some time. On one hand, President Trump has downplayed the pandemic and on the other hand, many of his supporters have rightfully so been skeptical of left-leaning media outlets who have pushed Russia collusion and the like, pushing narratives instead of reporting the news as it is. It really is unfortunate.

Different people are affected differently by this disease and people are really dying in massive quantities, so much so that morgues and funeral homes cannot keep up with the intake. The question is how many are and how many are not coronavirus. It is hard to tell. There is no doubt that there are other causes that have been calculated into the numbers but that certainly does not make Covid-19 anything less than a serious pandemic.

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