Trump departs for Mar-a-Lago without signing stimulus bill, Pelosi’s election gamble mostly to blame

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On Wednesday, President Trump departed for Mar-a-Lago without signing the bipartisan stimulus bill and leaving millions of unemployed Americans in a December 26th fiscal free fall. Many in Washington were left scratching their heads. In reality, this scenario, as it has been for the last four years, was completely predictable.

Nancy Pelosi was willing to take the gamble of not accepting the 1.8 trillion stimulus bill in an obvious attempt to hurt the Trump re-election campaign. Well, it worked and now the other side of her gamble is leaving millions of Americans with no lifeline. It is hard to really place the blame on lame-duck, President Trump because most of the pre-election stimulus advocates already knew how this scenario would play out, post-election if Trump did not win.

Sadly, Nancy Pelosi is not willing to accept any blame for this costly error. When Wolf Blitzer of CNN questioned the Speaker of the House, it only angered her and she accused him of being an “apologist” for the republican party. She has since stated that her actions were not a mistake because we have a new President.

We should not be asking the Speaker if she made a mistake. We should be asking the 12.6 million unemployed Americans if they think it was a mistake.

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